UGears NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Mechanical Wood Construction Kit

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The Space Shuttle Discovery was the third of five reusable NASA orbiters, logging 39 launches and landings between 1984 and 2011—the most flights of any spacecraft in history. Now you can build this iconic orbiter and imagine yourself a participant in its signature mission to further the work of exploration and scientific discovery in launching the Hubble telescope. Ugears' NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model is actually a remarkable three-in-one: orbiter, stand and satellite. The Shuttle is a 1:96 scale model of Discovery, with two cargo bays that open to reveal the HST model, which features movable solar panels and aperture door. The Shuttle's front and rear bays open independently, for storing or launching the telescope. To open the front cargo bay, turn the wheel near the cabin in the direction of the arrow marked "Open." A similar wheel on the tail section opens and closes the rear cargo bay. Place the telescope on the Shuttle's robotic arm for deployment, and spin the arm using a dial located on the belly of the orbiter.

  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 8.9 x 11.4 inches
  • Number of components: 315
  • Estimated time of assembly: 6 hours
  • Level: Medium
  • Age range: 14+

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    Part Number UGR70227
    Manufacturer UGears


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