Prolux 1200mAH LiPo Glow Ignitor with LED Indicator and Charger

Part Number: PX2202GB

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Fed up with your glowstart that is continually losing it's charge? The LiPo glow ignitor from Prolux uses a LiPo instead of a NiMh battery pack. LiPo batteries have an extremely low self discharge rate so your glowstart will require less charging and will hold it's charge for much longer!

  • Charge rate: 230mA
  • LED will be solid red during charging
  • LED will turn off when the batteries are full charged but continue to provide a maintenance charge rate of 10mA
  • The charger will allow you to operate the Lipo Glow Ignitor from any 240V AC outlet.


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    Part Number PX2202GB
    Manufacturer Prolux


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