Multiplex MPX M6-50 High-current Plug, Female (100 pcs)

Part Number: MPX1-01222

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The popular MPX connector can now handle currents of up to 50 amps and, for short bursts, up to 100 amps. Famed for a versatility that offers special features such as polarity reversal the compact design has now been awarded the fire protection rating UL94 V-0. As such the plug is perfectly designed for making any number of connections, not least between drive battery and controller. But thatÕs not the half of it, copper alloy contacts (which are nickel plated before gilding) are individually twisted and freely located in the plastic housing to ensure that they make the best and most reliable connection. This provides the lowest possible contact resistance and, moreover, ensures an absolute maximum of mating cycles.

Note that whilst these new high current plugs are compatible with the older sockets the maximum current handling capability of the connection will only ever be as good as the weakest link, i.e. the older socket.


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Part Number MPX1-01222
Manufacturer Multiplex


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