Matador Control Line Balsa Kit from Aero-Naut, Wingspan 1022mm

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Control line is a simple way of flying a model aircraft using a pair of lines connected to a handle which control the elevator. The flyer stands in the centre with the powered model flying in circles around him/her and performs aerobatic manoeuvres. Control line flying offers the opportunity to have some serious fun without the expense of radio control.

There is renewed interest in control line flying and Aero-Naut, the well known German manufacturer, has a number of models in their range to meet demand. Being all balsa wood kits they give modellers the chance to work with this great material and hone their building skills.

The Matador is a well proven design which has performed at numerous competitions throughout Europe in the capable hands of Hermann Rieger the 1956 European champion. The simple construction and the enormous breaking strength make it very suitable for learning aerobatics.

With motors of 2.5 - 3.5 cm3 the model reaches speeds of 90-100 km/h.

The model kit contains detailed construction instructions with a 1: 1 scale plan in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, prefabricated wooden parts, steel wires, covering paper, etc.

Technical Specification:
  • Wingspan approx. 1022 mm
  • Length approx. 571 mm
  • Flying weight approx. 530 g
  • Total area about 24.5 dm²
  • Total area load approx. 21.6 g / dm²
  • Flight speed 90 - 100 km / h

    Requires engine, fuel tank, propeller, wheels, control line, etc.

  • Details

    Additional Information

    Part Number AN1503/00
    Manufacturer Aero-Naut
    Model Build Kit
    Power Nitro
    Aeroplane Type Sport
    Wingspan (mm) 1022
    Length (mm) 571
    Flying Weight (grams) 530
    Requires Requires engine, fuel tank, propeller, control line, etc.


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