JP Free Flight Chuckie Glider 500mm (Blue) – Virtually Indestructible

Part Number: JPDF21135B

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Whilst designed primarily with budding aeromodellers in mind this durable EPP chuck glider has the potential to appeal right across the board. You see, not only does it fly superbly, bounce well, perform stunts and offer hours of outdoor entertainment for kids, its flying characteristics – which are none too shabby – make it the perfect vehicle for radio conversion. Anything from a simple 2-channel installation up to a full-house aileron-equipped aerobat is eminently possible with a little ingenuity and patience. Whether you use it in the park as a replacement for your buckled frisbee or turn it into backpack-friendly multi-channel slope soarer, there's bags of fun to be had here and it costs buttons.


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Part Number JPDF21135B
Manufacturer JP


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