Hubsan X4 Camera and FPV Quadcopter Black Propeller Protection Cover H107C-A20

Part Number: H107C-A20

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This black cover adds protection to the standard versions of the X4 Camera (H107C, H107CHD) and X4 FPV (H107D) quadcopters propellers and will reduce damage and breakages when crashing into objects. For added safety, it will also give protection to fingers, etc from the rotating blades.

Easy to fit. Simply remove the four blades, fasten over the top of the motors and replace the blades.

For easy blade removal without damage, the Hubsan U wrench tool is highly recommended.

Please note that it does not fit the Plus versions of the X4 Camera (H107C+) or X4 FPV (H107D+). A protection cover is not available for these Plus versions. Neither does it fit the standard X4 or X4L versions which use part H107-A12.


Additional Information

Part Number H107C-A20
Manufacturer Hubsan


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