HMS Victory (1805 Trafalgar) Scale 1:72 Period Ship Highly Detailed, Accurate, Wooden Kit

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Caldercraft have an excellent reputation for producing a range of very accurate and detailed scale model kits of superb quality. Each comprehensive kit is put together for every individual sale. Kit production has been massively disrupted recently due to their factory move and shortages in raw materials but we are happy to report that they are now available.

For a truly magnificent kit of this famous ship that is the most historically accurate on the market - look no further!

Forever associated with Nelson's last battle, H.M.S. Victory is one of the most famous ships of all time and is now preserved as a major part of the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth. Victory is not only an example of the ultimate sailing warship - the three decker First Rate - but she is also the most popular and successful 100 Gun ship of the period. Forty years old by the time of Trafalgar (1805), she had been the flagship of half a dozen Admirals, and was to continue in active service until 1812.

After more than two years of extensive research and development, using information and sources previously unavailable, Caldercraft have produced the most historically accurate, highly detailed model kit of Victory as she was at the Battle of Trafalgar. The Victory is one of a range of kits in their Nelsons Navy range of highly detailed kits.

Caldercraft's model is very different to other manufacturers, and the amendments are the result of their own and further research verified by Mr. Peter Goodwin who is the Keeper and Curator of H.M.S. Victory in Portsmouth and is currently heading the project of researching Victory's true Trafalgar configuration. It was the intention of the Navy to restore Victory to this configuration by the 2005 bicentennial celebrations. Unfortunately, due to insurance and financial difficulties this was not possible.

As with all Caldercraft's models, the Victory has been designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology. With this versatlity, continual refinements can be made to ensure the model matches the most recent research available. Accuracy is ensured through the use of CNC cut parts with the same precision of laser but without the laborious task of having to sand off burnt edges.

Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the ease and quality of build of this superb kit, featuring:

  • Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut, complete with pre-cut gunport strips ~ no more need to tediously mark and cut out the gunports yourself; 5 different sizes of turned brass cannons; Carronades; 8 sheets of brass etched components; 3 different profiled brass rails; CNC cut components, profiled where necessary; all new scale turned wood belaying pins, support pillars and staircase balusters; all necessary blocks and black / natural hemp for rigging; all 4 ships boats in authentic plank on bulkhead construction; all new scale copper plates.
  • 18 sheets of fully detailed actual size plans and a comprehensive, full colour, step-by-step instruction manual including constructional photos of the prototype. All this enables you to build the most authentic model of H.M.S. Victory as she appeared at Trafalgar.

  • As well as this, the kit also includes the timber work to produce the model to the current specifications as she stands in Portsmouth, for example timberheads, capping and hammock cranes for the forecastle.

    This was not the first ship of the Royal Navy to bear the name Victory as there were in fact four predecessors:
    1. The first Victory was built in 1559. In 1586, she was rebuilt to 800 tons and carried 34 guns with a crew of 750. At the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, she was the flagship of Sir John Hawkins.
    2. Phineas Pett designed the second Victory. She was built at Deptford and launched in 1620. Rebuilt in 1666 to 1029 tons and carried 42 guns and a crew of 500.
    3. The Royal James of 1675 was renamed the third Victory in 1691. She was rebuilt in 1695 to 1486 tons and carried 100 guns and a crew of 754.
    4. The fourth Victory suffered a tragic fate. Launched in 1737, she was of 1920 tons, carried 100 guns and had a crew of 900. She was lost during a gale while off the Casquets in October 1744. Her whole crew perished with her ~ this tragedy caused the name Victory to be deleted, temporarily, from the Admiralty's list of ship names.

    This, the fifth Victory, was one of twelve ships ordered by the Navy Board on June 6th 1759 ~ more than 40 years before the Battle of Trafalgar for which she is famed. Designed by Sir Thomas Slade, construction began at Chatham Dockyard on July 23rd 1759, the 'marvelous year' (Annus Mirabilis).

    This, the year of victories, marked the turning point of the 'seven years war' for Britain. These facts may well have played a significant part in the naming of the vessel and the name Victory being restored to the Admiralty list of ships.

  • Scale: 1:72
  • Length: 1385mm
  • Width: 525mm
  • Height: 940mm
  • Please note that the very comprehensive instruction manual is supplied in English. It is also available in German and Italian but you need to specify when ordering.


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    Part Number 9014
    Manufacturer Caldercraft
    Model Build Kit
    Scale 1:72
    Length (mm) 1385
    Requires Glues, paints, etc.


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