Ghiant ETA Multi Clean Spray 400ml 100% Alcohol Based

Part Number: GH-ETA

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Gentle and effective disinfectant surface cleaner, can be used in office environments, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs, kitchen surfaces, fitness equipment, etc. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. 100% alcohol based.

Ghiant Multiclean ETA Spray can be used for disinfecting and cleaning eg: keyboards, mobile phones, worktops, car interiors, tables, chairs, handles, handrails, electrical devices, fitness equipment etc.

As a cleaner and disinfection product in the industry for: tools; cleaning electronics; extracting essential oil; removing grease from car windows; removing adhesive residues; removing mold; cleaning spectacle lenses; defrosting and cleaning car windows and locks; pre-treatment for sealants; removal of waterproof ink; rubber rollers; fine mechanisms; removing dirt, oil and grease from printed circuit boards. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.


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Part Number GH-ETA
Manufacturer Ghiant


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