Futaba 4GRS 4-channel Surface Transmitter Radio w/ R304SB Rx Receiver

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The new 4GRS system is Futaba’s first stick Car/Boat set for some time, but is well worth the wait, being feature packed and optimised for the serious racer. As the name suggests the system offers 4 functions, and of course includes Futaba’s renowned telemetry system, which is a huge benefit for practice and whilst racing, (where allowed). Both S-FHSS and T-FHSS transmission modes are included, and response speed is a staggering 4.4ms, giving instantaneous response to the controls. Full specifications and a full list of features are available online.

  • Model memory for 40 models
  • Brake mixing of the front and rear sticks of 1/5GP and other large cars can be adjusted independently.
  • 4WS mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type (4WS)
  • Dual ESCs mixing for crawlers cars (DUAL ESC)
  • Gyro mixing (GYRO MIX)
  • CPS-1 mixing (CPS MIX)
  • Anti-skid braking system (TH A.B.S)
  • Throttle acceleration (ACCEL)
  • Throttle speed (SPEED)
  • Steering speed (SPEED)
  • Racing timer (TIMER)
  • Digital trim
  • Function select switch / dial function (TRIM DIAL)
  • ESC-Link function (MC-LINK)
  • Tension adjustment function
  • Adjustable Throttle Stick Travel (Mechanical ATL Adjustment)
  • Display switch
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    Part Number FUT05003095-3
    Manufacturer Futaba


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