Badger Airbrush Compressor with Anti Pulsation Tank, Filter & Gauge

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Airbrushing just got a whole lot easier with Badger's anti pulsation compressor. Smooth airbrushing without pulsation is now at your finger tips with Badger's highly acclaimed compressor now combined with a 3 litre anti pulsation tank. The 3 litre air tank provides a reservoir of air to draw from ensuring a regulated air pressure to work from. It has an air delivery of around 22 litres per minute - meaning it is suitable for all medium duty modelling requirements. This unit is designed to work with Badger airbrushes but can in fact be used with any brand of brush.

The life of the compressor is lengthened as the motor is not constantly working and the air tank acts as an efficient first line moisture trap. The auto shut off ensures the tank is never overfilled and the release valve ensures pressure does not build up. This oil-free piston compressor is an excellent alternative to purchasing propellant cans for your airbrush.

The air tank pressure is maintained automatically by the compressor itself. Once it has reached the maximum output pressure of around 57 PSI it will shut off automatically. Only when the airbrush is triggered and the tank pressure falls below around 50 PSI does it restart. Compact portable and quiet it provides an oil free air supply that is ideal for a variety of uses such as model painting, touch up work, cake decorating... the list is endless!

  • Anti pulsation tank for constant pressures & zero pulsation
  • Single cylinder piston compressor with air tank
  • Multi-functional low noise thermally protected 47db
  • Air delivery in region of 22 litres per minute
  • Auto start and auto stop function
  • Air pressure gauge
  • 3.0 Litre air tank
  • Adjustable pressure
  • 2 air brush holders
  • Air filter
  • Moisture trap
  • Piston type
  • Oil free operation
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    Part Number BA1100
    Manufacturer Badger


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