Automatic Onboard Glow Plug Driver Igniter Starter- no more Glow Starter!!

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Sick of carrying your glow starter around and fed up with it running out of battery power half way through the day?

Now you can throw away your glow starter because with this fantastic new device you will never need one again!

Once permanently installed on your nitro car, boat, helicopter or aeroplane it ignites your glow plug at the press of a button. You don't even have to take it off. One lead clips onto your glow plug and one into your receiver for power. Simply press the button, start your engine and away you go! It remains active for 20 seconds and then automatically switches off.

Easy to use, no hassle and no glow starter to carry around!

  • 4.8-6.0V power source
  • Suitable for any glow plug model engine
  • Easy installation
  • Ignition will automatically remain on for 20 seconds
  • Pulse transfer system, low current draw
  • Easy to fit glow plug connector
  • Compact and Portable (30g)
  • Output voltage 1.5 volts
  • Fitting Instructions:
  • Clip the red lead with the black connector to the centre pin of the glow plug. Hold the plug and pull back the lead to expose the hole in the connector that locks onto the pin of the glow plug.
  • Attach the black lead with the eyelet to any metal part of the engine to complete the electrical circuit to the glow plug.
  • Connect the black and red leads with the black connector to any spare channel on your receiver. If no spare channel then use a Y lead (available separately) from any existing channel.
  • Fit the switch bracket to any convenient location for ease of operation.

  • Important Note: To maximise the benefits of this superb device, it is highly recommended that you use a high capacity (1000mAH or above) rechargeable receiver battery pack or indeed a separate battery pack if desired.


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    Part Number PX2205
    Manufacturer Prolux


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