Pro-Line 12 Pull Tabs & 20 Bodyclips for RC Cars - Easy Removal of Body Clips!

Part Number: PL6050-01

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Do you ever get frustrated trying to remove your body clips? Do they slip out of your grasp? Well struggle no longer racing fans! Pro-Line introduces the all-new Pro Pulls for 1:8 and 1:10 RC vehicles.

Pro Pulls are a groundbreaking way to enhance your pit performance and keep you on pace with the competition. No longer will you struggle to remove your body clips for last minute changes. The Pro Pulls are made from ultra durable rubber and combine functionality with innovation. Pro-Line keeping you at the front of the pack!

Pack of 12 black rubber body clip holders and 20 body clips.


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Part Number PL6050-01
Manufacturer Fastrax


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