Hubsan X4 or Q4 Quadcopter Replacement Spare Transmitter Controller

Part Number: H107-19

Availability: On Order with Supplier




Genuine replacement spare part for the Hubsan X4 range of quadcopters including the standard H107, H107L (LED version) and the H107C (camera version).

Also for users who do not like the tiny transmitter supplied with the new Q4 Nano quadcopter then this larger transmitter is also fully compatible and is easier to use especially if you have large hands.

Also a replacement transmitter for the Hubsan H103, H105, H203 and H205 range of micro helicopters.

This is the version which has the left hand throttle stick on a ratchet (does NOT self centre) and the very short stub aerial and is fully compatible with the older transmitter with the longer folding aerial.

Please note that these transmitters have been removed from new complete systems and are not individually retail packaged and therefore there might be some very minor scuffs or marks as a direct result of handling.


Additional Information

Part Number H107-19
Manufacturer Hubsan


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