Heng Long 1:16 German Panzer III (2.4GHz + Shooter + Smoke + Sound)

Part Number: HLG3848-1B

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The full name of the German medium Panzer tank was Panzerkampfwagen, meaning 'armoured battle vehicle'. It was original intended to face other armoured fighting vehicles and support the Panzer IV, however it soon became obsolete, being used mainly for infantry support until late in the war. First produced in May 1937 in small numbers the Panzer III was mass produced from 1939 the total production run numbering 5774.

With Henglong's beautifully detailed model you can look forward to incredibly realistic onboard engine start-up and running sound effects, plus a superb gun firing sound with evocative recoil moment (just like the full-size). Other details include a full active independent suspension, real engine exhaust smoke effect from an inbuilt smoke generator plus a turret turning radius of around 320 degrees and about 20 degrees rise. It's all controlled on the move courtesy of a high energy 2000mAh NiMH battery (with included charger). Note that optional metal tracts are available. Just add 8 x AA transmitter batteries and you're ready to take on the world... Or, at least, the garden!


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Part Number HLG3848-1B
Manufacturer Heng Long
Model Build N/A
Power N/A
Scale N/A
Length (mm) N/A
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