Bipe Special MK3 RC Model Bi-Plane - Mantua AvioModelli Kit

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The Bipe Special from Mantua AvioModelli is a semi scale RC model of an American aerobatic biplane named Eaa-Acro-Sport. It is a good looking plane with excellent flight qualities and is able to perform all aerobatics. With the advantage of a low wing loading, it is easily controlled during landings.

This comprehensive quick build kit has a strong Duraflex moulded fuselage and balsa and vinyl covered foam core wings with four ailerons and new "torque tube" accessories. The fin and stabiliser are balsa and it has a pre-formed reinforced nylon landing gear. It comes complete with all hardware and decals including a 450cc fuel tank, 70mm wheels, horns, hinges, clevises, push rods, engine mount, spats, spinner, pilot figure, etc. Plans and multi-language detailed building instructions with photographs are included.

  • Length: 1105mm
  • Wing span: 1400mm
  • Weight: 3650 grms
  • Motor size: .60 2stroke or .70 - .90 4stroke
  • Required to complete: 4-5 Channel Radio, Engine, Glues, Paint, etc.


    Additional Information

    Part Number 70080
    Manufacturer Mantua Model
    Model Build Kit
    Power Nitro
    Aeroplane Type Scale
    Wingspan (mm) 1400
    Length (mm) 1105
    Flying Weight (grams) 3650
    Required to Complete Radio, Engine, Glues, Paint, etc.



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