7.4v 1300mAH Battery Pack for FMS Cessna 1100mm, Easy Trainer, Dragonfly, MOA & LET13 Glider

Part Number: FMS-BATTERY-7.4V-1300MAH

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Original manufacturer's spare battery pack for the FMS Cessna 1100mm (FS0173), Easy Trainer1280mm (FS0170) , Dragonfly (FS0191), MOA (FS0207 and FS0208) & LET13 (FS0205 and FS0206) Gliders.

Fitted with red JST BEC style output plug and white balance charging connector.

7.4v 1300mAH 20C LiPo battery pack, weight 70g, dimensions approximately 75 x 35 x 14 mm.


Additional Information

Part Number FMS-BATTERY-7.4V-1300MAH
Manufacturer FMS


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